How can one person be so many things?

I am odd

I am quirky

I am different

I am blunt

I am sharp

I am rude

I am bit weird

I am honest, too honest

I am direct

I am confident

I know what I want

I am a perfectionist

I do too much

I am hyper

I have no filter

I am not very social

I am wacky

I am dizzy

I dont listen

I am awkward

I’m like a dog with a bone

I’m an enigma

I’m funny

I am trouble

I’m a scatter brain

I flirt with everyone

I am reserved

I am persistent

I’m a do-er

I’m wise beyond my years

I’m a hard worker

I’m good at my job

I’m good with kids

I’m a great friend

I’m talented

I’m creative

I’m clever

I’m too hard on myself

I’m easy to talk to

These sum up most of the things I’ve been told about myself.

But I think:

I am a mum

I am a daughter

I am a sister

I am a wife

I am a friend

I work hard to get what I have and look after it too

I am nothing special

I’m just lucky

I’m always worried about how I am perceived

I’m misunderstood

I don’t like people, they confuse me

I like kids though, they are honest and clear

Im not talented, just patient and can learn easily when I’m interested

Im interested in lots of things

I like things to be neat and straight and in the right place but I don’t have Ocd. I can sometimes cope when it’s not all where it should be and I definitely don’t lose sleep over a messy house

I’m not a perfectionist, perfection is subjective, I think it wasn’t intended for man.

I can be a bitch

I can be caring

I don’t like making mistakes

I don’t like being bad

I have no problems saying sorry

I’m riddled with guilt

I usually like spending time with friends but I like my own space and time too

I love making and fixing things

I enjoy my job and am happy to spend lots of my own time on it to get things right

I never have enough time to do what I’d like to

I don’t feel what other people feel – i dont think I have the emotions or I’ve switched them off or something

I’m easily frustrated

I’m tired-very tired

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