Marriage counselling it is then.

14 years of marriage:Ivory wedding anniversary.

I have nothing to celebrate other than material possessions and the children of course.

We don’t speak much, unless it’s to work out who’s dropping kids off here and there or what needs paying for.

No connection. It’s sad because he was my best friend, my better half.

We function well, we have a healthy sex life, we don’t hate each other and we’re not mean. But I feel so alone. He can’t give me what I need most right now: That feeling that I’m connected to someone, care, compassion, tenderness.

I’m scared I’ll get it elsewhere instead. It is on offer but I can’t go along with an ‘affair’. The word doesn’t suit me. I want my husband to make me feel all those things not a random whose wife is withholding sex.

So we’re trying marriage counselling tomorrow.

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