Session 1

I know that I was a bit nervous and I think he must have been too. And we’ve actually been getting on much better for the last few days so it seemed bad to drag up something we had already talked about and got over- for the time being at least.

We were dot on time-nearly. And she seemed quite nice, not too old and not too young. She had a calmness about her voice.

He had to answer questions first. I’d already spoken to her over the phone when I booked so it made sense. He said he wanted the counselling so that we could connect better. But didn’t actually know what he meant by that. Can’t blame him really cos that phrase had come from me, he was just kinda going along with it.

We both spoke. It was nice to actually speak to someone else and also hear him talking about our relationship to another person. It’s like you actually hear the same things in a different way.

We could have stayed there another hour at least and on the whole it was quite pleasant, nothing to worry about at all. The session didn’t make me feel inadequate or irrational or anything like that. She was quite understanding about some of my weird ways too.

I suppose what surprised me most was that I was calm and could speak, I could get my words out which usually I can’t when anyone asks me about my feelings. I think that could be because he was with me.

I think we have settled on carrying on with her. The next sessions would be for us to see her separately I think. That should be interesting but I’m looking forward to it.

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